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How to Access our API Tools

All requests to web services require prior registration and an API Key. For initial enquiries to discuss standard or customized options and pricing, please contact:
Jennifer Shafer-Doyle, [email protected], Tel +1 212 600 3714
Access Options
We have a number of different access levels that provide standardised datasets. As the level of access increases, the amount of information returned is increased. These levels follow what is available in equivalent our products, from a free list of airports, through the AC-U-KWIK products and finally the maximum data available on
Level 0 Access Provides access only to the Airport data available via Level 1, suitable for developers of websites or applications requiring Airport data as a look-up tool or distance calculator.
Level 1 Access Limited data for Airports, Handlers/FBOs and Services, and tailored primarily for business aviation users and in line with the data provided in the AC-U-KWIK book products.
Level 2 Access Access Premium data fields for Airports, Handlers/FBOs, Suppliers, Clearance Information, DST Start/End Dates & Times, and US Customs. Again, tailored primarily for business aviation users, but includes data that is currently available only via the online AC-U-KWIK Premium subscription level.
Level 3 Access Access Similar in detail to Level 1 Access, but includes all Information and Restriction notes, line maintenance, and airline passenger-only and cargo-only ground handling services that serve commercial passenger and cargo airline operators. These are additional to those listings provided via AC-U-KWIK.
Level 4 Access The maximum standardized data set available. This includes all the listings provided with Level 3 access, but with even greater level of detail than for Level 2. Also includes: Clearance Information, DST Start/End Dates & Times, and US Customs. This is the most comprehensive, Airline-level information, as seen on
Customized Options In addition to the options covered above, we are able to customize calls to pull only certain data fields as required. We can also pull in any of the additional data fields displayed to subscribers of and not included in the standard options shown above, for example: Airport Medical Facilities, Airlines, Designated Authorities, Embassy and Consular Contacts, and so on. Depending on the degree of customization these normally require a 3 week set-up period following agreement of terms and pricing.
Should you require temporary access to to review material available, please make that clear with your initial enquiry.
For details of pricing and terms of service, please contact:
Jennifer Shafer-Doyle, [email protected], Tel +1 212 600 3714



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